Ultraviolet Protection Factor

Our cycling jersey and shorts fabric has been independently tested by Industrial Research Limited.

The lycra in our shorts his fabric has the highest possible sun protection rating of UPF 50+ Excellent Protection.

The Quickdry fabric used in our jerseys and caps was found to have a UPF rating that varies according to the print colour. White unprinted samples have a UPF of 15 (Good Protection) whereas black printed samples have a UPF of 25 (Very Good Protection). Our New Zealand clothing is printed in black and white so has a range between 15 and 25.

What is impressive is that it is designed to be a high performance fabric. The fact that it has such a good UPF shows that the latest modern fabrics have performance without the need to compromise on protection.


The UPF values of our products are indicated with the following icons.

UPF 15-25 Ultraviolet Protection Factor UPF 50+